Hello! This is a Case Study of the project I worked upon during my 2020 Summer Internship at Think Design Collaborative, under the guidance of my mentor, Mr Nandeesha M.

Design Research Project on Accessibility
Design Research Project on Accessibility


In the summer of 2020, I got the opportunity of working as a Design Research Intern at Think Design Collaborative for the month of May & June.

The Internship majorly consisted of 2 parts :

  1. Practicum — The second month comprised of working on…

The project acts as a Design Project for my 4th Semester in which I explored a new way of Creating Forms/Surveys and making them more Accessible and Usable.


The idea for this project strike while I was building a survey form for another research project.

I wanted to check the responses on my smartphone and I was a bit disappointed to notice that neither Google Forms nor Typeform has a Mobile application. You are forced to open and check the responses on a browser, whose experience was a total hassle for me.

Hence, I decided to explore if the same…

Nipun Sharma

UX Design & Research @DTU

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